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Tips for managing your money when you travel.

Planning a vacation can be chaotic, so many people use a check list to make sure they have everything ready when it comes time to leave. Packing, unplugging appliances, getting a passport, letting school know the kids will be gone, etc. However, adding a few financial management items to your list can prevent a lot of frustration down the road. Don't forget to check these financial vacation tips off the to-do list before you leave!

Tell us you'll be traveling.
Make sure to let us know that you'll be traveling and where you're going. In order to protect customers against fraud, we monitor your normal spending habits, including geographic location. If out-of-area purchases suddenly show up on your account, the bank may flag or block those transactions as potentially fraudulent. Also keep these numbers handy in case you need to report a lost or stolen card. 

Emergency Contact Numbers

Lost or Stolen Credit Card

  • Credit Card: (800) 883-0131
  • Outside of United States: (813) 868-2891

Lost or Stolen Debit Card

  • Debit Card (800) 472-3272

CSB Customer Service

  • Identity Theft (262) 878-3763
  • Fraudulent Activity (262) 878-3763
  • Lost/Stolen Checkbook: (262) 878-3763

Double-check your accounts.
Make sure you have enough funds set aside that you'll have emergency money during your vacation. Set up automatic or early payments for any bills that will be due while you're away. Don't miss any payment dates because you're gone.

Make sure you have a way to check in while you're away.
Services like online banking, text alerts and mobile banking can help you monitor your spending and your account balances even while you're on vacation. Especially since you'll likely be making withdrawals from unfamiliar ATMs and making purchases at new places, it's a good idea to carefully monitor your accounts while on vacation.

Account Alerts are a fast and easy way to keep track of all of your account activity. They only take a moment to set up, and allow you to stay on top of exactly what's happening with your accounts. 

Carry a variety of payment options.
Take along several credit cards, a check book and a debit card to make sure that if one payment method fails, you'll still have access to your funds. Carry a small amount of cash for small purchases and souvenirs. Use multiple wallets so that if one is stolen or lost you can still access your accounts.

If you have to make currency exchanges, talk to us about the most cost-effective method for your situation.