Image & Pass Phrase Removal

On Tuesday, March 10th at 10pm, we will remove the Image and Pass Phrase from the Password screen on our Online Banking. A new Extended Validation Certificate within Online Banking will be implemented at this time. This is a more secure site certificate that enables special features in the users’ browsers to demonstrate increased trust in the site you are accessing. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this new security feature, please contact our Electronic Banking Department (262) 878-3763.

Will I need to do anything differently when logging into online banking?
No. You will use the same login process when accessing Online Banking. After your Access ID is entered, simply look to verify the website URL address bar is green and then enter your password.

How will I know when I am accessing the enhanced site?
For most users accessing a site with an Extended Validation SSL Certificate, the URL bar will turn green and you will see UFS, LLC listed. All major browsers have slightly different methods of displaying an EV enabled website. Below are examples of how the top three browsers display their URL’s.

Image and Passphrase Removal

Why don’t I see the green bar?
You may be using an older or outdated browser. Internet Explorer 9 and Windows XP are ‘older’ versions of Microsoft products and have limited or no Microsoft support as a result. It is always best practice to be on the supported versions of operating systems and internet browsers.

Even though you may not see the green bar in the URL, you can be sure that the site you are accessing is secure by confirming the following:

  • The URL starts with “https” where the “s” indicates that the is site is secure and legitimate.

  • A small yellow or gold padlock displays in the browser window somewhere which also indicates a secure site. The padlock can be double clicked to open a window outlining the certificate details for the site.

What is the Extended Validation SSL Certificate?

It is a more secure site certificate that enables special features in client browsers to
demonstrate increased trust in the site they are accessing.

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