Kids Klub

The Kids Klub is an exclusive savings account for kids age 12 and under. The Kids Klub is designed to teach kids how to develop healthy saving habits and help them plan for the future.

Anyone age 12 and under can be a part of the Kids Klub. It’s a great way to learn about financial responsibility and have fun at the same time. Whether it’s a bike, a toy, or the latest download, our Kids Klub teaches kids about the value of money. 

Kids Klub members get special invitations to exclusive Kids Klub events throughout the year, like bowling, ice skating, special movie events, and rollerskating. Members also receive special birthday cards every year. New members will join the over 1500 kids already enjoying the benefits of this special club.

It’s never too early to sign your child up for the best savings plan available.

Savings Account Details

$25.00 Minimum opening balance


Membership is available to anyone 12 years old or younger.

Account Benefits: 

  • No monthly maintenance fee
  • Special Kids Klub Savings Account
  • Birthday Card from the Kids Klub
  • Special Events and Contests 


Interest is calculated and paid monthly.

Maintenance Fee: