eBusiness Banking 

Make Your Own Banking Hours.

TO ENROLL- Please fill out the required information on our Enrollment Page. Once completed, please print out the form and Mail, Fax, or Deliver to our eBusiness specialist who will contact you to complete the process.

We make it our business to help yours. eBusiness Banking is designed specifically for businesses that want to manage their finances and make routine banking transactions conveniently from any PC with Internet access. Whether you need to receive or send electronic payments, access account information quickly, or streamline your payroll process, we offer a simple solution for managing your cash.

BillPay+ Business 

New! BillPay+ Business is the online bill pay solution that's designed specifically for small businesses.

Online Protection

Our enhanced security feature called MyImage will reduce your risk to online threats.

Statement Details
View all transactions that have cleared your account, 24 hours a day.

Funds Management

Transfer funds between business accounts: checking, savings, money market.

Direct Deposit of Payroll
Electronically deposit employees paychecks into their personal checking or savings accounts via ACH transfers, regardless of where they bank... nationwide.

Accounts Receivable

Directly charge your customer's bank account for services, membership dues, utility payments, etc.

Accounts Payable

Pay vendors directly with ACH Funds Transfer. These transfers are a fast, accurate, and cost effective method of initiating payments.

Security Levels

Customizable by company for multiple users with varying levels of responsibility.

eBusiness Banking is simple, secure, and the most convenient way to deliver Community State Bank's exceptional service to you.

Call our eBusiness Banking Specialist at 262.878.3763 to learn more about getting started with this innovative cash management tool or click here.

3 Fast & Easy Ways to Access your Account