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Available 24/7 | Deposit Checks | Deposit Cash | Withdraw Cash | Check Balances

We believe that banking should be simple. That's why we offer products that are simple to access, simple to understand and simple to use. Whether you're opening a new account with CSB or utilizing our CSB Simple ATM, we strive to make every experience simple and enjoyable. 

What is the CSB Simple ATM? 
CSB is happy to introduce it's first smart ATM, known as the CSB Simple ATM. The CSB Simple ATM is an ATM that allows customers to deposit checks and cash, in addition to performing the traditional ATM functions. It is a convenient alternative to visiting one of our retail locations and it's even available 24/7.

You won’t have to worry about rushing to the bank after work, or waiting until the holiday is over to secure your cash in your account...you can make deposits right at the ATM. When you're finished a complete summary of your transactions will be printed for you to keep for your records. 

Basic functions of the ATM such as cash withdrawals and balance inquiries are available to non-customers for a small convenience fee. 

Where is it located?
The CSB SIMPLE ATM is located at our Rochester location: 201 W. Main Street. It is available on the west side of the parking lot, 24 hours a day - 7 days a week. Come and try the new CSB Simple ATM! You will find that it is simple to access, simple to use, and simple to love!