Governor Scott Walker presents the 2013 Wisconsin Financial Literacy Award to Community State Bank. Receiving the award on behalf of the Bank were (left to right) Community Banker Neil Buchanan, Governor Scott Walker, Marketing Director Jeff Nielsen, and Marketing Communications Coordinator Gregory Wall.

Governor Scott Walker Presents Community State Bank with Governor’s Financial Literacy Award

March 6th, 2014

Community State Bank was recently presented the 2013 Wisconsin Financial Literacy Award by Governor Scott Walker. The honor was awarded on February 26th, 2014 by the Governor’s Council on Financial Literacy, and the Wisconsin Department of Financial Instruction.

The Bank won the award for their innovative and creative MyLIFE program (My Local Interactive Financial Education). The program was developed in partnership between Community State Bank and Union Grove Union High School.

MyLIFE is an interactive program for students designed to demonstrate the importance of sound money management skills. It’s a unique learning experience for the students, and an opportunity to promote a partnership between the local business community and the High School.

“It’s a tremendous honor to receive the award,” said Community State Bank Vice President and MyLIFE Development Team Member Neil Buchanan. “MyLIFE is a great hands-on experience, that helps make financial education relevant to the students. We’re looking forward to expanding and promoting the MyLIFE experience throughout Southeastern Wisconsin.”

Recipients of the 2013 Wisconsin Financial Literacy Award were selected from 52 nominations submitted for consideration. The criteria used in the screening process included innovative implementation, demonstration of measurable results, collaboration with partners, and whether the effort was focused on needs-based groups. Community State Bank was the only bank in Wisconsin to win the award.

“As financial services for consumers continue to evolve rapidly, the need for personal financial literacy has never been greater,” said Peter Bildsten, Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions and Co-Vice Chair of the Governor’s Council on Financial Literacy. “The recipients of this award are on the front lines of providing their fellow Wisconsinites with those skills.”

“Through their work to advance the cause of financial literacy, these worthy individuals and organizations are positively impacting the lives of thousands of people in communities across Wisconsin,” said Governor Walker, who hosted the recipients in a ceremony at the Capitol. “Personal financial literacy is an important skill that can substantially improve the quality of life for people of all ages.”