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CSB Unveils Main Office Renovation Design
Updated: July 11th, 2018 | [Recent Announcements]

Community State Bank (CSB) broke ground on the renovation of their Main Office located at 1500 Main Street, Union Grove, WI on November 4th, 2018. 

renovation 3The newly renovated office will feature two community rooms, employee collaboration areas, an attached drive-thru, an outdoor patio space, and a community café.

“Our team is so excited about this project,” said President and CEO Scott Huedepohl. “Everything about the redesign has been developed with our community in mind. We want our office to be warm and inviting for our whole community to enjoy.” 

A Community Cafe with a Purpose

One of the key elements that CSB is continuing to develop is the community café. The project is one in which CSB will be collaborating with Shepherds College, a post-secondary education program for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

“The community cafe is going to be so much more than a gathering place. It’s going to provide 
career opportunities and funding for students at Shepherds College. I think that is something everyone in our community can be excited about. It’s essentially neighbors helping neighbors and renovation 1that’s what being a community bank is all about,” said Huedepohl. 

The café will be staffed by Shepherd’s College students and will have fresh made to order coffee and other menu items created by the Shepherd’s Culinary Department. Shepherds College is currently working with Stone Creek Coffee in Milwaukee to develop a culinary and beverage plan for the future café.

“The fact that Community State Bank has invited Shepherds College to be included in this way, speaks to the high regard they have for our organization,” said Shepherds College Executive Director, Tracy Terrill. “This project will allow us to showcase the abilities of our students and the overall value of Shepherds College as we train and prepare our students to be positive contributors to our community.”

Attached Drive-Thru with Commercial Access

In addition to the café, future renovations also include relocating CSB’s current Motorbank location (1201 15th Avenue, Union Grove, WI) to the Main Office. 

renovation 2“Our Motorbank has outlived its current location and it’s time for us to bring the drive-thru back to our Main Office. This investment will provide us with the opportunity to better serve our customers and provide an improved work environment for our staff,” said CSB Chief Financial Officer, Peter Schumacher.

The first step of the renovation began this November with the drive-thru addition. An official closing date of the current Motorbank location has not yet been determined. All other renovations are to be completed by summer of 2018. 

Community State Bank has chosen to work with Project 4 Services LLC, a project management group located in Southeastern Wisconsin. For additional photos and updates on the project visit us online at

Renovation Announcements 

Main Office Temporary Teller Line Relocation: Effective May 12th, 2018 until further notice. 

Due to the renovation of our Main Office (1500 Main St., Union Grove) we will be temporarily relocating our Main Office teller services to our Motorbank lobby and drive thru located just west of our Main Office. The temporary change will go into effect on Saturday, May 12th, 2018 and will be closed until further notice. Thank you for your patience as we remodel the Main Office to better serve your banking needs. The Main Office lobby will continue to be open for lending, customer service and safe deposit box services. Questions? Contact our Universal Banking Team at (262) 878-3763.